​​​​We are creating hand-made small fabric items, hand-made apparels and order-made cloths. (Items made from fancy fabric are also buy-able.)


​​Hand-made apparels are general clothes which you can wear. Some of our selling are;

  • ​T-shirt (short, half, long sleeves)
  • ​Shirt (short, half, long sleeves)
  • ​Tank
  • ​Skirt
  • ​Pants (regular, half, or shorts)
  • Dress
  • ​Children’s wear​


  • T シャツ (半袖、 5 分丈、長袖)
  • ワイシャツ (半袖、 5 分丈、長袖)
  • タンクトップ
  • スカート
  • パンツ (レギュラー、ハーフ、ショートパンツ)
  • ワンピース​
  • 子供服




Order-made cloths. Want to have apparel items which satisfies your request? You may not be able to find ones in store, or online, because;

  • ​the color of the cloth is not what you favor.​
  • ​the design of the fabric cannot interest you.
  • the size does not fit (too big or too small, too long or too short).
  • ​you saw a good item that you would like to wear, but it is not sold or not available.
  • you want to buy ones for costume plays.
  • uh… other reasons.

​Contact us. We may be able to help you and provide the cloths which you want.


  • 好みの色の服が見つからない。
  • 生地のデザインが興味を引かない。
  • サイズが合わない(大きすぎ、小さすぎ、長すぎ、短すぎ)。
  • 欲しい服を見たが、売ってない、売り切れている。
  • コスプレ用の洋服を買いたい。​
  • えーと、ほかの理由で。